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Membrana Crosslink Ossix Plus 15x25mm Colagen Osificabil Resorbtie 6luni
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738 RON

Membrana Crosslink Ossix Plus 15x25mm Colagen Osificabil Resorbtie 6luni


GLYMATRIX Technology

Ossification is defined as the formation of bone, the state of being changed into a bony substance. OSSIX Plus is the only barrier membrane that ossifies.

GLYMATRIX technology mimics the natural collagen cycle in our body, a natural biochemical process called glycation. GLYMATRIX is what powers OSSIX products for guided bone regeneration (GBR) and guided tissue regeneration (GTR).

Clinically proven, GLYMATRIX is covered by over 100 scientific publications, with extensive clinical experience worldwide spanning decades in hundreds of thousands of procedures. This proprietary core technology is the subject of several international patents and is the culmination of years of research into glycation as a cross-linking mechanism.

GLYMATRIX technology utilizes naturally occurring nontoxic sugar to cross-link collagen molecules, producing a collagen matrix which serves as the core for OSSIX regenerative solutions:

  • OSSIX Bone – ossifying collagen sponge promotes true bone without remnants
  • OSSIX Plus – the only ossifying membrane resistant to degradation when exposed
  • OSSIX Volumax – unique volumizing, ossifying collagen scaffold

GLYMATRIX is fully bioprogrammable for specifically engineering long-lasting biomaterials with enhanced stability and specialized properties needed for OSSIX products. Ideally suited for reconstructive and aesthetic medicine, it enables tailoring unique biomaterials to perform in a manner appropriate to their intended application, such as GBR and GTR for dental implants. This represents a novel design of collagen-based bio-matrices — the resultant cross-linked collagen matrix looks and feels like part of the patient’s own tissue. GLYMATRIX-based products are trusted by tens of thousands of clinicians worldwide.