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Os Bovin Hypro-oss 3ml
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 650 RON 
525 RON

Os Bovin Hypro-oss 3ml


os bovin
Hypro Oss este os bovin cu colagen.
Cel mai inalt nivel de biocompatibilitate a colagenului conservand in acelasi timp structura cristalina, naturala a matricei triple eliciodale de colagen si extinzand suprafata macro/micro - poroasa a granulelor osoase, nu prin metode de incalzire a biomaterialului, ci prin implementarea tehnologiei de liofilizare in vederea prelucrarii acestuia .
Hypro-Oss is a patented, lyophilized natural bovine bone graft incorporated with Atelo-collagen Type I resulting from 6 years of intensive research and experimental resulted in a revolutionary bone graft material that has superior properties: Hypro-Oss.

Hypro-Oss - innovative concept and properties

Our concept for the development of the Hypro-Oss product line was conceived with the idea of an ideal biomaterial in mind, a material with the highest biocompatibility and affinity to the new endogenous bone. In order to accomplish this purpose, we implemented our proprietary atelopeptidation and lyophilization technologies that preserve natural collagen components of bone material within bone structure after modifying the collagen to a non-immunogenic Atelo-collagen. This preserves the natural crystalline structure of the hydroxyapatite as well as the collagen components by completely avoiding the heating (thermo) processing method that other manufacturers still use. Thanks to our proprietary innovative processing technology,

Hypro-Oss has the following important characteristics:

1. Native bovine bone graft components for enhanced new bone formation
2. Telopeptide free collagen components; non-immunogenic peptide
3. Acceleration of physiological tissue healing process
4. Protects grafting site from infection (bacteriostatic effect of Atelo-collagen)
5. Hydrophilic property, optimal cell adhesion and blood absorption and capability to carry medication to the surgical site
6. Highest biocompatibility; absence of any foreign body response
7. Natural structures of collagen and hydroxyapatite due to lyophilization processing
8. Osteoinductive Atelo-collagen components & Osteoconductive hydroxyapatite components
9. Native crystalline structure guarantees long-term dimensional stability. These characteristics allow enhanced and consistent new bone formation, and persistent integration between mature new formed bone and existing bone material.

Hypro-oss Composition

Hypro-Oss is a natural bovine bone graft material , consists of approximately 70% pure Hydroxyapatite and about 30% pure crystalline Atelocollagen type I.it is manufactured in a patented atelopeptidation processing method and lyophilization technology for preserving the native bone structure as is ,but sterile and safe.

Hypro-Oss – Indications

Implantology, Periodontology and Oral Surgery

:: Sinus lift
:: Vertical & Horizontal augmentation
:: Intraosseous defects
:: Peri-implant defects
:: Extraction sockets
:: Furcation defects
:: Filling of cyst
:: Periodontal defects

Hypro-Oss is a sterile medical device class III , ISO and CE certified