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Comenzi instrumentar dentar
Implant Conexiune Conica 5microni Germania
(+) Mareste
 449 RON 
382 RON

Implant Conexiune Conica 5microni Germania

The important curve that sets everything straight.

The S shape :implant conexiune conica

  • Concave emergence profile for excellent soft tissue results.
  • High esthetic results
  • More Cortical Bone Preservation.
  • Platform switching keeps the implant-abutment connection away from the bone, minimizing bone resorption.
  • More vital growth of the soft tissue.
  • Implant conexiune conica 5 microni

Science Inside The Black Box

Simple product classification with brand-specific design and color coded imprint of the implant diameter

  • Large sealed stamp with product details
  • Stackable; all important product information remains visible
  • Includes multilingual instructions for use
  • Implant dentar conexiune conica